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Germs Are Everywhere - Silver Kills 1000's On Contact!

We're very excited to introduce Stellarcleenz® to you, which is now available in Australia and distributed proudly by Barefoot Healing Pty Ltd.

Stellarcleenz® is an innovative natural anti-microbial 99.99% Silver Hand Cloth used as an alternative to alcohol-based body sanitizers, wipes and gels. Stellarcleenz® is not only better for you to use, it it's also light and small to carry, does not need to be replaced continually and leaves no mess behind. Stellarcleenz® is a fresh way to tackle our everyday germs in a healthy and environmentally friendly way and you won't want to leave home without it!

The Benefits of using Stellarcleenz®

  • Naturally and safely kill 99% of harmful germs, fungi and viruses
  • Chemical free, non-alcohol based and safe for all, including babies and pets
  • More effective than gels, sprays and wipes
  • Won’t dry or crack skin
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Does not kill “beneficial” bacteria (often called “good bacteria”) that lies beneath the oily layer of the skin (epidermal layer) which our bodies need (alcohol does)
  • Great for all parts of the body, surfaces and devices
  • Long lasting, portable and discreet to use anywhere
  • Incredibly economical (lab tested for over 10,000 wipes)
  • Environmentally friendly

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You'll find our interview with Stellarcleenz® founder, Sharon Whitely, informative and will answer all your questions you may be thinking about.
Stellar Cloth
Stellar Silver Cloth

Get Your Stellarcleenz Now

Available in Two Sizes
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The Wonders of Silver – An age Old Wisdom

For over six thousand years, many civilizations have recognized the healing properties of silver. The traditional medicinal uses of silver have been well-documented for centuries, then tapered off as antibiotics were introduced. Silver remains a time-tested solution to many of life’s daily concerns. It kills germs, fungi and viruses, as well as bacteria that can cause odour. Well-established and documented uses include: Water purification, would healing and prevention and treatment of infections. Did you know our great grandmothers, who didn’t have refrigeration, would put a silver coin in their milk jugs to keep the milk from spoiling.

How Stellarcleenz™ are Made:

Silver is a naturally occurring element and there are no added artificial chemicals. Stellarcleenz are made using an ionic technology (not nanotechnology/nano particles) in a bath process where 99.99% pure silver is plated to all fibres. It will not wash out. They have been laboratory tested to be effective for over 10,000 wipes without laundering and 500+ washes, with efficacy remaining at 100% with no reduction in the silver’s anti-microbial effects.

Stellarcleenz™ have been diligently laboratory tested for effectiveness, and do not share the bothersome drying out effect that alcohol-based products can have on your skin. They are also an economical and environmentally practical choice over alcohol-based products which usually come in plastic containers.

Chemical Free

Toxic Surface Clean
Stellarcleenz, is a natural, chemical-free, anti-microbial pure silver cloth that is scientifically proven to safely kill 99% of bacteria, fungi and viruses on human skin as well as on devices and surfaces. Can be used dry, damp or wet.

Silver Technology

Nano Silver Technology
Made using an ionic technology in a bath process where 99.99% pure silver is plated to all fibers.

Easy Care

Machine Washable Silver
Lab tested for over 10,000 wipes with out washing and over 500 washes with efficacy remaining at 100%.

From Synthetic Material Research
to Nano Silver Technology.

Nano particles of silver is the latest in anti viral and bacterial methodology for pathogen neutralization. Our materials are synthesized in a harmonic size to combat specific size opportunistic pathogens.
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